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A cloud based One Call Ticket Management Solution for the damage prevention Industry

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BOSS811 Benefits

BOSS811 is a cloud based One Call Ticket Management Solution for Municipalities, Utilities and Locator Companies managing excavation requests. BOSS811 increases efficiency, reduces cost, is easy to use, scalable and highly secure.

Stop Paying per Ticket Pricing model is not based per ticket and is very competitive with a great ROI

Reduce Cost Save substantial capital costs with no in house server storage and software requirements.

Save Time Group locate request for multiple utility types can be combined into a single ticket with multiple response codes.

Stay Secure Data access is encrypted and is accessible securely 24 x 7 x 365 The data is kept for 7 years.

BOSS811 Features

Ticket Management Built-in tools to streamline utility location requests and minimize the number of service and response needs. Locate field crews stay on top of service requests coming in from the 811 agency.

Routing Engine “Pre-process” tickets as they are received in order to speed up their handling and review. Immediate notification of emergency locate requests for management and field crews.

Cloud Solution Cloud-based solution that can be securely accessed from anywhere anytime through a web browser. Responsive pages work on all screen sizes and information can be accessed from all types of mobile devices.

Esri Integration Integrates with Esri (or any other GIS mapping platform) to create a facility map that pinpoints underground assets in relation to dig sites or One Call Center dig boxes.

811 Audits End of Day audit messages from state's 811 agency are reconciled and reported.

Dashboards Comprehensive performance indicators that are customizable based on needs and offer critical business intelligence for management to track demand and turnaround time.

Auto Close “Pre-process” tickets as they are received in order to speed up their handling and review.

Email Notifications Automated email alerts on events, tickets and updates.

Role Based Security Create customized roles to fit your business needs. Configure and assign privileges to restrict access to users.

Locator Tracking BOSS811 allows you to track locators on a map and assign them for digsite visit efficiently.

Custom Fields Capture additional information on service request. Choose from a wide variety of field types. Data is then available for filtering and reporting.

Widgets Dynamically analyze the tickets and present pictorial summaries. Consolidate ticket details while highlighting any unusual circumstances that need to be managed.

Tags Organize and categorize tickets with labels. Assign Tags to tickets for easy searching and filtering.

Bulk Actions Make changes to multiple tickets with a single click. Close multiple tickets in a single click.

Map Views Map view of the actual dig site from the locate request for accuracy.

Attachments Upload files, videos and pictures related to the dig site as attachments to tickets.

Mobile Client Access to tickets for locators on the go. With off-line capability to work on tickets in areas with no connectivity locators can update the latest information.

Advanced Search Robust capability to define, save and re-execute complex filtering criteria of Tickets.

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BOSS811 Mobile

  • Sun Solutions
  • Forsyth County Georgia
  • North Carolina Agriculture
  • Mobile Area Water and Sewer System
  • NC Machinery CAT
  • Delta Dental
  • The City of San Marcos
  • City of Winter Park Florida
  • OB Hospitalist Group
  • Bell County
  • Forsyth County North Carolina
  • City of Vallejo California
  • Boca Raton Florida
  • AAA American Automobile Association
  • Vectren
  • Vectren
  • Save Mart Supermarkets
  • Hooters
  • The Breakers Palm Beach
  • Holt of California CAT
  • Lone Star National Bank
  • Grady Hospital
  • State of Georgia
  • City of Tallahassee
  • Anchorage School District

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Featured Industries

Municipalities BOSS811 ticket management has full GIS integration that provides complete and powerful insight of request to dig sites. Ticket distribution and notification is simple and can be sent to field crew staff by email, web interface or mobile app.

Utilities With features designed specifically to make utility operators more efficient, BOSS811 ticket management solution provides valuable information from contractors to increase service level productivity and save on costs.

Pipelines By providing accurate mapping with integrated ticket location information, BOSS811 provides pipeline companies with responsive, reliable and accurate data when they need it. The solution also provides the ability to attach project documentation such as pictures and forms.

Contract Locators State-of-the-art ticket management system for dispatching, compliance reporting and dashboards. Perfect for contract locators of all sizes.

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